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Founding and funding a new generation of education media websites.

Protostar Studio, Inc. partners with content creators, corporations, and academic institutions to incubate and operate a portfolio of online media properties that help advise adult learners on the best ways to skill up and advance their careers.


Prospective students deserve guidance from experts they can trust.

We Believe

For the past decade, education decisions have been heavily influenced by organic search rankings. Today, search results overwhelming feature content published on websites with phenomenal SEO prowess. But do these websites prioritize the needs of prospective students or their advertising partners? We believe that media companies who publish educational guidance or advice should be held to the same standards as the publishers promoting healthcare and financial advice.


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We empower and elevate 
expert Creators

to provide prospective students with inspirational content and sound guidance, while enabling our Creators to operate profitable media properties.

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To publish trustworthy and engaging editorial that inspires and builds confidence

we believe that prospective students need to hear from the experts with lived experiences. While AI and non-expert writers have a role in supporting editorial workflow, we place an emphasis on amplifying the experts with relevant academic and professional track records.

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Organic is our 
primary growth channel

to promote and drive awareness. The operating team behind Protostar Studio has expertise in SEO, social, UX, and media ops. For over a decade, we’ve applied learnings from our wins and our losses to formulate a repeatable operating model for education media properties.

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with more transparent monetization strategies

to push the industry forward and help education providers combat rising student acquisition costs. We believe that being protective of our readers and working to earn their trust is paramount to our mission. We aspire to set a new precedent and push the education industry to re-think what is means to "buy qualified leads."

A cross-disciplinary studio team laser focused on profitable growth

We have assembled an exceptional operating team to help our Creators bring their media property to market in under 4 months. We do this by enabling our Creators to focus on creating content while we focus on the operational needs.

Strategy & go-to-market


Finance & operations

Legal & compliance

Branding & design

Software development & tech

SEO & growth marketing

Revenue ops & partner relations

Analytics & reporting

Partnering with publishers, institutions, and investors to expand our impact


Building and scaling online media properties requires patience. To scale up, we partner with ambitious organizations that align with our mission.



We embed our media operations team and integrate our media tech into your property to increase monetization while improving user experience. 



By sharing the risk and upside together, we form long-term strategic engagements with corporations to build world-class online media properties that support your OKRs while fostering innovation.



We partner with strategic investors to build long-lasting, profitable online media properties that support your portfolio while positively impacting society.

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Introducing the Higher Education Media Transparency Index

A living index of higher education education media properties with a sizable (or growing) share of voice.

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Education Media Acquisitions

Keeping a pulse 
on recent education media acquisitions.

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